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Foetus-In the beginning there was darkness

After seeing yet another upcoming fashion brand that relied on a few designs and an edgy brand name go into oblivion after 2 collections that barely sold, the creators of FOETUS, who do not want to be named, decided to materialize their own vision of a fashion project.

FOETUS is a project that stems from the desire to approach fashion in a different way.

The project is treated like a living, breathing foetus whose nourishment is the community around him. If a community exists, FOETUS exists, and if the community grows, FOETUS grows. This communal growth is reflected in all aspects of the project. A growing foetus means better quality garments, more frequent releases that come in bigger quantities, a larger and more diverse selection of products and an overall expansion of the user experience.

Growth is not only seen in the project itself, but also in the people behind FOETUS, who are all relatively young designers standing at the beginning of their journey into the fashion world.

As seen in all aspects of FOETUS, growth is ever-present, but it’s not the only aspect the creators are concerned with. Another big and very important aspect is the creation of a community.

The creators of FOETUS do not belive in a self-reliance. They believe in community and achieving things together. Therefore a single creative director who is leading the whole project does not exist. FOETUS is a collective of young and talented designers trying to set their mark in the fashion world together.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s not just about how good of a designer you are anymore and therefore a lot of hidden talent goes unnoticed.

As time progresses, the creators of FOETUS are hoping to build a platform which allows people from all around the world to publish their work and therefore build a strong and reliant community of designers.

Community does not only exist on the producer side, but even more so on the consumer side. Every person who supports FOETUS is automatically becoming part of the community that is the sole force behind the growth and progress of the project.

With this approach, the creators of FOETUS are not only trying to create a community on both producer and consumer side, but to dissolve the boundary between them and fuse producer and consumer into one entity.

After gaining insight into the reasoning and thought process behind the project, one question still remains. Why does FOETUS matter? There are surely a lot of other fashion projects with great designs and ideologies. The answer to this question is simple.

FOETUS designs are used as a narrative to tell a story. A story of pop-culture, religion, people, things, spirituality, atheism, basically the story of anything and everything.

The creators of FOETUS set a goal to explore as many different avenues of life and culture as possible, to express thoughts and opinions and to educate in order to provide a real benefit to anyone supporting the project. Design shouldn’t just look pretty, it should have reasoning and meaning behind it.

FOETUS matters because the world matters. And people who are concerned with FOETUS are concerned with the world, its beauty and its dreadfulness.

This is a guestarticle by FOETUS.

Instagram: @fo.etus

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